Rachel Moniz is running in the 2020 race as a Democratic Candidate for

U.S. Congress California District 2.  

Rachel,  a Chief Operations Officier for small financial services firm in San Francisco, lives with her daughters, Grace & Greta in San Rafael, California.  Both girls attend the local public high school, Terra Linda.  Greta, a freshman, thrilled to have made the JV cheerleading team and Grace, a sophomore, looking forward to her second year on the varsity lacrosse team.  Rachel moved to Marin County after separating from her husband, a Vietnam Vet who suffered from PTSD and bipolar disorder. The Northern California area known for its rolling hills and family-friendly communities welcomed Rachel and her daughters with open arms and they feel eternally grateful. Rachel says: “We all know that it takes a village to raise a family. I was beyond fortunate to find myself in Marin when I needed that village most.”

Early Life

Rachel was raised by a single mother in upstate New York who taught Rachel that we must always fight to protect our rights. Rachel’s mother did not have the rights her daughter did. Her mother came of age before Roe vs. Wade. Women, before the historic Supreme Court ruling, had limited access to birth control and no choice. Access to higher education was extremely limited as well as meaningful employment.  The majority of work available to women in the late sixties early seventies was limited to part-time entry-level positions. Rachel watched as her mother had to overcome these obstacles by going to college and being a force in her community. Rachel learned from her mother the importance of hard work and fighting for what you believe in. Her mother is her hero.

Education & Career

Rachel Moniz broke the glass ceiling by becoming the first female Chief of Operations for a financial services firm in 2014. Rachel has an impressive history working successfully in financial services for 19 years. Experience taught her first hand that the only way a company can grow is to create a diverse and inclusive work environment. Giving everyone an opportunity to have a seat at the table brings new ideas and growth. Rachel believes that as we look to the future, we need to create an environment for success by no longer allowing laws to be passed that marginalize us.  We must fight to protect all of our citizens and immigrants.   


Rachel moved to California from New York when she was 23. After a few years bartending in San Francisco, she went back to school and paid her own way through Santa Rosa Junior College and Sonoma State where she graduated with a Criminal Justice Administration Degree. Rachel began a professional career working in financial services as an administrative assistant. After earning multiple securities licenses including supervisory licenses, she worked her way up to a leadership role. Rachel specialized in fraud prevention, anti-money laundering, and privacy before leaving one firm to join another as the director of compliance responsible for the regulatory compliance. After six years, Rachel Moniz earned a promotion to the Chief Operations Officer responsible for internal operations, training, diversity, inclusion, and selection.



Personal Life

Rachel moved to Marin County in 2013 and has centered her personal life around building strong and independent daughters. She strives to instill the same values she learned from her mother. She teaches them the importance of hard work, education, and being contributing members of their community. Be brave and be kind is her mantra to her daughters.  Rachel actively supports them in their sports and extracurricular activities even getting the opportunity to be an assistant coach on their soccer team last year.  

In January of 2018, Rachel’s husband and father of her beautiful daughters lost his battle with mental illness, a Vietnam Vet who suffered from PTSD and bipolar disorder. A long battle that was detrimental to all that loved him. Trying to manage through his illness, Rachel learned that mental illness whether hereditary, the result of addictions, or PTSD from service to our country, was a major issue plaguing our community and needs to be addressed.


Decision to Enter the 2020 Race for US Congress

The recent abortions bans and attacks on reproductive freedom, the ongoing attacks on African Americans, the concentration camps filled with immigrants, the ongoing attacks on LGBTQIA+ rights, the dire need for affordable housing, and the need to do something to help the increasing numbers  of mentally ill in our community has moved Rachel to action. 

Rachel could not sit by and allow her daughters to grow up without the equal rights our mothers fought so hard for.  She could not sit by and allow her daughters to be raised in a country that strips children from their parents and puts them in cages.  She could not sit by any longer and watch her country fail its people.  

"One thing I have gained from my life's experiences is how to be a fighter, and I believe now more than ever that we have to do something...we must rise up and take back our country"  -Rachel Moniz, Democratic Candidate California District 2